Too Blessed

Is there a possibility of being too blessed?
Because I feel blessed to see you and you should feel blessed to be you,
The words I say are slightly askew from the case and point I’m trying to pursue. But if you don’t misconstrue  the words I express, the letter press will compress the statement



And simple to impress the empress I wish to possess.
Now, Possession is an interesting concept. How can someone possess something that blurs the lines between

Heaven & Earth

Reality & Fantasy

Good and Fuckin Evil

Because the way you walk is so devilish, the way you talk makes you hoodrich, and your touch… your touch makes me tremble like the Loma Prietta, and I realize that no one but the creator could make something as beautiful as you. So the point I’m trying to pursue is:

If God based looks and soul on how much he loved you, you must be his empress.
But how could you be his empress when you make me feel like Zeus and you’re my Hera. You must have made an error in your blessings, because I’m blessed just to see you and your blessed just to be you.

How Dare You

It was a Bright beautiful day in Canada,
The Birds were cold as shit,
Bad females in long ass trench coats,
Taking notes after notes after notes,
Of every boat in this moat
That switches from left to right, left to right, left to right.
Because the switches from left to right all seemed to be the same to me…

Then you came,

With all my weaknesses in one hand and a passive leash in the other
You Paid attention, to every single word I said,
to the point where my rap turned into a handicap.
I spoke as if I would speak to a person that I knew for years and and….
And now a days I only got one question for you…

How Dare You!

How dare your gorgeous self mesmerize me with your smile.
Its been awhile since I’ve been hostile with my words.
Usually extremely versatile, you got my tongue  & mind wrapped around you,
Leaving my state of mind skattered.

How Dare You!

Hypnotize me
The theft of my conscience, with the igniter of your figure,
Puts me in a position to make your legs quiver
Down River I swim
You gasping, barely grasping air, while me, a Lion looks up.
Looking at you like this the only thing that keep me alive.
I pray that I may make you feel the extensiveness that is my want,
My need
To see you satisified.


How Dare You!

Make me care about someone other then myself.
Because lord knows that I was perfectly fine worrying about me and mine.
Then you & yours entered the picture and mine jumped ship with yours.
Leaving Me, having to find out what to do with you.
As our minds began to intertwine and I began to unwind, my needs became your needs.
Your wants exceed me, or mine, because although you aren’t selfish,
You make me want to show you the world.
Sort of like Aladdin, but ain’t no street rat.
More like a very invested dork that has an appreciation for experience,
And moments that you can’t explain, but don’t want to.

So again,

How dare You!

Make me feel like I can’t control myself around you.
Blowing my mind everytime you call me baby, I pick up the pieces of my cerebellum.
But if this is how I feel when you speak my name,
I don’t mind giving you brain, my heart, my everything.
Because you dare me to live in serenity.

….Which is sometimes frightening to me.

– Grimm