When I was younger, I was fixated on several shows that any action-hungry, kung fu-loving kid could appreciate: Power Rangers, Avatar, Danny Phantom, Pokemon, etc.

But there was one show, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, that stood far above the rest. The only difference? I was forbidden to watch it; my parents believed that it was a mindless television show, devoid of benefits, that would do nothing for me in the long run.

At age 14, intrigued by dance, music, photography, video, poetry, painting and design, I was still dogged by this dismissive attitude of anything and everything artistic. These pursuits each fascinated me on a level that everyday life couldn’t, yet teachers, coaches, and mentors would warn that my love for the arts would just be a waste of time.

So, to rebel against the nay-sayers, I created the persona of DJ Grimm to say this: While I am focused on the things that spark my mind and open my eyes, I will never let anyone tell me that it won’t benefit me. Because THIS IS ME.

My name is Marquis Morris, and I welcome you to Grimmworkz.com